About us

We are non-profit organization whose mission is  development and dissemination of unmanned systems while keeping the safety standards.


Main business area

  • Research on unmanned systems
  • Implementation of innovative unmanned systems
  • Certification
  • Training of UAV Operators
  • Coordination and execution of Cluster’s of Unmanned Systems objectives
  • Organization of reccuring event Dron Show Rzeszów
  • Conducting classes, conferences, exhibitions related to unmanned systems and safety performance of flights


Centrum Naukowo – Technologiczne Systemów Bezzałogowych sp. z o.o.

(The Scence-Technology Centre of Unmanned Systems)

ul. Poznańska 2c,

35-084 Rzeszów


Email: centrum@systemybezzalogowe.pl


Phone +48 570 876 007


Company registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs

by the District Court for Rzeszow City, XII Commercial Division

KRS 0000569328

NIP PL: 8133707582

REGON 362302491

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